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Collaborate with influencers to create inspiring content which resonates with your target audience. Boost your brand awareness and drive sales by harnessing the power of our platform. We help you manage this collaboration so that you can save time searching and micro managing influencers.

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  • 4.15K influencers
  • 226.97M Reach

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How we work

  • Discover
  • Manage
  • Measure
  • Payments
  • Get proposals from Influencers based on your campaign brief
  • Filter and select on the basis of Followers, Engagement, Gender, City and Category
  • Negotiate and shortlist influencers
  • Discuss deliverable and approve content under a single dashboard
  • Measure and archive the ROI of your campaign
  • Use this data to take informed decisions
  • Get invoices in the correct format from our single click invoice generation system
  • We also provide ESCROW services if you want us to manage the payments

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